Version Control

  1. Github for public projects
  2. Bitbucket for private projects
  3. GIT: daily
  4. SVN: used it mostly in the past, but not anymore

IDE/Code Editors

  1. EclipseIntelliJ: most of the time, to work on Java projects
  2. Aptana: sometimes, only when working on WordPress/WooCommerce projects
  3. Visual Studio Code: recently love it, used it to develop Chrome Extensions, Electron apps, Nodejs apps
  4. Notepad++: my must-have tool to quickly edit text files

Dependency Management Tools

  1. Maven: always used when working on Java projects
  2. Gradle: never use
  3. Composer: used on PHP projects
  4. GULP: used to design website frontend
  5. NPM: when working with Nodejs


  1. Windows: 90%
  2. Ubuntu: 10%
  3. MacOS: only used it in the Media Laboratory of the university

Other Stuffs

  1. Open OfficeGoogle Docs, Confluence
  2. GIMP
  3. XAMPP